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Furniture Removal In Sydney

Furniture Removal is never easy, and can even be traumatic. Being professional furniture removalists  at Citymove, we believe in making the move a cheerful and pleasant experience. We know that once everything is done, you will feel delighted by sitting in your new home or working in your new office and finding all your familiar […]

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Citymove Celebrates Diversity – Mardi Gras

Do you like a good time? Fun entertainment? Dancing? Free jelly shots? Free shows and performances? How about dancing girls in massive headdresses? Do you like spandex, leather or swimwear? Fun, funky and colourful costumes? Maybe you like supporting the local community? Do you like celebrating diversity? Are you free this Friday, 2nd of February? […]

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Moving with Kids …

Are you thinking about moving interstate? Do you have young children? If so, then the moving process can be problematic. The entire moving process can affect kids and needs to be taken care of on time to ease any stress for you or your child. It’s the responsibility of every parent to spend time in […]

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