Published on 19 Oct 2017

Seamless and Stress-free Move with the Right Sydney Removalist

It was a chance of a lifetime for Emilia and there was risk of losing it all if she did not find the right Sydney removalist. Everything was going so fast and Emilia was afraid she couldn't keep up with everything at all. She was given a study grant to the University of Sydney. On top of that, she was given an opportunity to intern at the tech firm she has always been eyeing to start her career

The problem was she was in Brisbane, almost 1000 kilometres away from her dream university and dream job in Sydney. There was also a very narrow window of opportunity, she needed to relocate within a week. She started the search and finally came up with a list of removalist companies in Sydney and the rest of Australia. The first few calls were discouraging. Some removalists said that they could not make a move to Sydney at such a short notice. Other removalists said they could but the prices were just too high. Finally, she found Citymove.

Emilia was relieved that Citymove removalists went out of their way to give her a moving date that fit right into her schedule for her move to Sydney. She was also grateful that they recommended Tuesday to be the best day for the move because they offered discounts for moves done that day. Ciymove can take care of the move but can these removalists help her with anything else?

Moving to Sydney was out Emilia's way, thanks to Citymove removalists, but she still needed to pack all her clothes, furniture, appliances and other stuff. She had tons of other stuff to do and she was not sure she had enough time to do it all. Citymove came in to the rescue again with their total removalist solutions. They offered valet packing services, boxes, insurance options and even a move out cleaning service for her now old apartment.

Citymove removalist even pitched a free service Emilia never thought she needed. All the utilities she needed for her new home in Sydney were reconnected at no cost to Emilia. Instead of arriving at her apartment with no cable, internet, gas and other utilities, everything was set up and ready for her.

With Citymove removalists, Emilia enjoyed a seamless and stress-free move to Sydney that she never thought would have been possible. Whether you are moving to Sydney like Emilia or to any point in Australia, experience the one-stop removalist solutions offered by Citymove! For inquiries, free quotations and other information, get in touch with out move coordinators here.

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