Published on 14 Sept 2017

Your Checklist for Your Next Move

Moving your home or office in or around Sydney should be a fun, exciting and stress-free moment but without preparation, you may end up delayed, anxious or even miserable. Removalists can do so much more for their clients if they are prepared for the move.

One of the best tools that you can use is a simple but effective checklist of things you need or tasks you need to do.

Use the checklist below to make your move a well-planed milestone:

  • Inform your landlord that you are vacating, every little bit of goodwill helps
  • Arrange for an inspection, do not waste that bond
  • Call your phone, water, gas, electricity, cable, internet and other utility provider, who wants excessive charges
  • Inform a trusted neighbor that you have moved and relocated
  • Lock your old home and return keys as soon as possible
  • Target a moving date and planning your moving activities around that date
  • Reserve a booking date and take note of cancellation policies
  • Ask for discounts, some movers offer promos for booking specific day for the move
  • Shop for the best rates of different moving companies
  • Hire a mover that can also do professional bond back cleaning services
  • Make sure that your removers have an accessible parking spot
  • Confirm and reconfirm your moving day with the removalist
  • Declutter your home
  • Make an inventory of everything you moved, include photos if possible
  • Be covered with moving insurance
  • Pack rooms on at a time
  • Ready your moving supplies: boxes, markers, bubble wraps, labelers, tapes and similar items
  • Organise a move for your pet if you have one
  • Organise a sale of unwanted items
  • Label which items go to which room in your new place
  • Avail of professional valet packers if needed
  • Defrost your freezer prior to the move
  • Redirect the mailing addresses of your bills, subscriptions or other accounts
  • File a leave at your place of work if possible
  • Use up food items, stocks and other perishables you prefer not to move
  • Prepare a First Day back with basic survival goods (food, cleaning products, coffee, medications, phone chargers etc.)
  • Measure the spaces of your new property so you know exactly which items goes to which room

Every move is unique and this checklist may not be able to cover every possible scenario of your move. For best and stress-free moving, choose Citymove! As an AFRA accredited removalist, you can be sure that your preparations will all be worth it when you experience CItymove services.

Whether you need a local move, storage solutions or even someone who will pack and organize everything for you, check out what Citymove can do for you here!

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