Published on 20 Sept 2017

Checklist for a Stress-free Relocation

Relocation can be one of the most exciting, fun and possibly game-changing milestones in a person's life. The challenge is that these events are often met with delivery delays, broken furniture, missing items, damaged assets and misplaced inventory. Do not let your relocation be slowed down by these challenges!

While your chosen removalist is primarily responsible for the relocation, you as the customer can help them so in turn they can serve you better. Here is a checklist that you can do to reduces stress and increase the chances for success of your relocation:

  • Avoid stress on your budget by asking for relocation dates with the lowest rates
  • Shop for rates of different removalist companies, ask for a price match if they can
  • Conduct due diligence, search for objectively written reviews
  • Inquire about company credentials and registrations
  • Choose only Australian Furniture Removers Association or AFRA membership
  • Ask for referrals
  • Put every agreement- price, dates and duration into writing
  • Make and share a thorough inventory that you will relocate, include pictures if possible
  • Conduct a quick walkthrough of your home or office
  • Specify and write down instructions, leave nothing to miscommunication
  • Be open to suggestions from the professionals
  • Clean up clutter before the packers arrive to save time
  • Include the state or condition of items, before and after the move
  • Emphasise delicate furniture or precious cargo to be moved during relocation
  • Anticipate holidays, weather conditions and circumstances outside your control and how they can affect your relocation
  • Inform your removalist about possible challenges in the route from your home or office to your destination for relocation
  • Create or reserve access points, parking, driveways, elevators and other requirements
  • Involve professional packers especially for priceless, bulky or similar objects
  • Avoid delays, DIY packing is often below safety standards prompting your removalists to unpack then repack
  • Be courteous with packers, movers and drivers
  • Talk directly to your POC (point of contact) or the decision-makers, most of the time the movers and drivers are not allowed to make decisions
  • Use packing boxes, bubble wraps, plastic wraps and other similar containers or covering to protect your items
  • Seal every box properly, use appropriate tapes for every item
  • Avoid relying on DIY packing techniques
  • Label items or boxes into which room or area they would go to on your relocation site
  • Search and choose removalist companies that offer multi-solutions for relocation requirements
  • Look for removalists that can provide insurance, valet packing, storage, cleaning, utility reconnection and other services related to your relocation
  • Keep your phone open, communication lines must be ready in case of emergencies or urgent decisions
  • Report any damages, missing items or similar issues as soon as you can
  • Know your rights as a customer

Citymove, an AFRA accredited company, offers relocation services that tick all the boxes in the checklist. It is a one-stop shop for all your relocation needs. Moving people every day for the past 10 years, Citymove offers relocation services that done in the Citymove way. With a foolproof system for relocating, Citymove makes moves easy for its clientele. Check out CItymove or get a free estimate here!

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