Published on 7 Nov 2017

Solving the Top 4 Problems When Moving House

Moving house is a breeze only to the prepared- without the right plan, the right execution and the right follow-through, moving house can be a very stressful time. How can you pull off a major undertaking and come out successful? Here are the top 4 problems experienced when moving house and the solutions to overcome them.

Moving House Problem 1: Don't Know Where to Start

It can all be overwhelming when you are moving house. How do you uproot yourself from a place you have called home for years? Which room do you start packing? What is the last room that must be packed? How do you organise every item so you can make your move as efficient as possible?

These are questions that only professional packers for moving house can answer. Trust only the expert handling of those who have been in the business of moving. Every move is unique and there is no hard rule to follow but professionals can customise their packing techniques to meet your needs.

Moving House Problem 2: Unsecured Packing

Stacking packed boxes, loading dismantled furniture and fastening precious possessions, there is an art in accomplishing all these packing steps. There is more to packing that just putting all your stuff into different boxes. The sloppier the packing is, the riskier it becomes to moving your items.

Whenever you are moving house, you need at least stacks of packing boxes, heavy duty tapes, rolls of bubble wraps, thick blankets and sometimes even crates to make sure that your items are safely loaded, moved and unloaded.

Moving House Problem 3: First Night at New Home

You may have been so focused in moving away from your house that you forgot to plan for the first few nights at your new home. When everything is still packed, daily essentials may be left inaccessible when you are in the process of moving house.

Where are your plates to eat your dinner? Where are your towels after taking a bath? How about the linen when you sleep? Will you have clothes ready to wear the next day?

Solve this problem by preparing an overnighter bag for every person when you are moving house. Think about what you would need for your first night and first morning at your new home. Include items such as change of clothes, cooking utensils, toiletries, toys and other essentials.

Moving House Problem 4: Missing or Damaged Items

With everything go on when moving house, chances are you will only realize that something is missing when you actually look for it. Missing sofa legs, a lost washing machine or an item gone from a complete set are some of the many things that can go wrong.

Worse, you may end up discovering damaged items after moving house. A shattered TV screen, a scratched surface or a chipped appliance, these are just some of the most common damages that occur when you are moving house.

Anticipate these potential problems by protecting yourself with proper documentation and insurance. Take pictures of all your items before the move. Use these photos as proof of the conditions prior to the move. Pick the right insurance to protect you and your items, before, during and after the move.

Never encounter any of these moving house problems when you chose Citymove! Our packing valet services help you get organised without lifting a finger workers compensation attorney sacramento. Our removalists come in with everything you need to pack, secure and transport your possessions.

Have everything you need when you move to your new home, from first night essentials to reconnected utilities. Citymove's insurance makes sure that any damage that occurs is covered. Check out how Citymove can make moving house easy, stress-free and safe.

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