Published on 14 Sept 2017

Top 5 Business Challenges of the Removalist Industry

The removalist industry in Canberra and the rest of Australia is a profitable but very challenging market. Businesses face tough difficulties from almost all fronts and only the most innovative, agile and dynamic companies survive and remain profitable.

While some business challenges are obvious, some are subtler and require a different approach in overcoming. Here are the top 5 challenges that removalists face:

Tough Competition

With over 200 members in the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) alone and not counting other removalist businesses not registered in AFRA, there is a large number of competitors in the moving industry. Factor in interstate services, a locally based removalist company may even find a competitor on the other side of Australia. There may be too much supply for a steady number of demands.

Economic Forecasts

According to a study made by Oxford Economics, Canberra remains a star performer in the Australian real estate market; the value of property steadily rises and is expected to rise even until 2020. With higher property costs, the market may create an environment that discourages mobility for tenants. The slower the movement of tenants, the less the need for movers- the bigger that challenge is for this industry.

Human Resource

On top of competing over customers, businesses have to engage in a tug-of-war for their team. Loyalty from experienced truck divers and efficient movers is becoming more and more difficult to gain. With too many employment opportunities from other moving companies or from other jobs altogether, businesses resort to absorbing the risk of hiring either inexperienced or difficult moving crewmembers.

Cost of Business

Choosing a moving company is no longer just about the cost and the speed of service, clients are now looking for a seal of approval that guarantees the quality of the service. The much sought after AFRA accreditation is getting tougher and tougher to gain and becoming costlier to remain as a member.

Informed Clientele

Now more knowledgeable than ever, the clients are aware of their rights, the laws governing moving businesses and the loopholes in insurance coverage. As a result, refunds, claims and other similar expenses are being incurred by moving companies. The slightest delay or damage, whether within or outside the control of the business owners are usually met with at the very least highly publicised customer complaints or at the worst huge fines for damages.

One of the few companies that have been able to weather these business challenges is Citymove!

Citymove constantly finds ways to set itself apart from its competitors through a wide range of services and offerings that are mutually beneficial. It has maintained the loyalty of its drivers, removalists and valet packers throughout its more than 15 years in the business. With its highly transparent business practices and safety measures, refunds and damagers are kept at a minimum.

If you are looking for a removalist company that can solve your moving challenges, choose Citymove! Find more about Citymove here!

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