Moving Tips & Tricks

We know how it is – just finding the new house or apartment is enough work for two lifetimes, and so once you find and hire the perfect cheap removalists you figure you can just relax and let the rest of your move wash over you. Unfortunately, this attitude won’t get you far – the more work you put in ahead of time, the smoother things will go for both you and your cheap movers. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve gathered from our years of experience being the best, experienced, and most reliable cheap removalists in Australia.

Inform the World

Change-of-address kits are created for this precise circumstance, so don’t forget to pick up a stack from the post office and use them. Make sure you get them out to every corner of your life: friends, family, your bank and other financial institutions (including your credit card companies), insurance companies, periodicals, and places you do business, such as doctors, or any place that makes deliveries to you. It’s best to start a list a few days before you pick up the forms so you have a complete list and can grab as many as you need. One trick is to use your phone’s call history and contact list to remind yourself of places you do business with.

Safeguard Your Paper Trail

Whether you’ve found the perfect firm offering cheap removals or you’ve hired trained butlers to wear white gloves and carry each stick of furniture personally through the streets, one thing never changes: don’t leave you vital personal records to the vagaries of moving day. Even the best cheap removalists sometimes misplace things or ruin delicates, so gather up things like your birth certificate, deeds, medical records and financial statements, and transport them personally. The trick here is to not wait until moving day to locate and organise them. Gathering them up and putting them someplace safe for the duration of the move is the best strategy.

Look Ahead

Think about where you’re moving to. You’d be surprised how many people are so focussed on getting out of their current home they forget to prepare for getting into their new home! Make sure you’ve arranged for the utilities to be shut off in your current home and turned on in your new home – there’s nothing like having no heat or hot water that first night. The best cheap removalists will offer this service as part of their package, or as an add-on service, so it’s always a good idea to check with them if you’re pressed for time.

No matter how good the cheap removalists you’ve found are at their job, there is always a list of things only you can take care of. Be proactive and get to it early, and you’ll have a smooth moving day.