Removalist Scams


Of all the areas of modern life where unethical people can exploit honest people, cheap removalists is one of the most common. Moving house is stressful and disorganised as a rule – the ideal time for unethical and unscrupulous cheap movers to move in and give all of us offering cheap removalist services a bad name.

When looking for cheap removalists for your house move, keep the following scams in mind when interviewing potential companies. Some of these may not be strictly illegal, but they’re all designed to take advantage of you.

Base to Base Charging

Some unethical removalists will charge you for the travel from and back to their ‘base’ offices or lot. This can add up to a lot of money you’re paying for, something that has nothing to do with your move and which the removalists would have to do anyway. Note – here at City Move, we never charge ‘base to base’ fees. You only pay for the time we’re actually working for you.

Rounding Up

Most supposedly ‘cheap’ removalists charge you by the hour – and this allows them to round up and basically get a little bonus. For example, if it’s forty minute past the hour when they finish, they charge for the full hour and get 20 minutes of your money for free. Note – here at City Move we always round to the nearest minute, so in the above scenario you would actually get the best of the deal – as it should be.

Wasting Time

One of the most difficult scams to combat from the crafty cheap removalist is the ancient art of wasting time. Slow moving removalists can pad out their billing quite nicely. Note – here at City Move we’re far too busy to play these games. We like to get you moved as quickly and efficiently as possible so we can move on to the next job – and charge you less to boot.


If your cheap removalists are telling you they offer full insurance for your goods, you are simply being lied to – only an insurance company can do that. And if they don’t offer you a product disclosure statement, your possessions are not protected. Note – here at City Move we do the next best thing – we offer affordable service warranties starting at just $69 that cover your belongings during the move.

Excluding GST

Sometimes the price quoted by a cheap removalist is too good to be true – because they’ve cleverly left out the GST. It’s a simple trick, but it works. Note – here at City Move all of our estimates include GST, so there are no nasty surprises waiting for you at the end of a long day.

Keep these scams in mind when you’re hiring a removalist – or save yourself the trouble and simply hire us. We don’t play games, try to work scams, or otherwise horse around. We simply do a great job for a fair price.