Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist From Citymove Professional Removalists

Here at CityMove we want everyone to have the best possible house removal experience possible. When we’ve been hired as your moving company we can guarantee this, because we have the staff, the trucks, and the experience to ensure everything goes exactly as planned and as expected.

But just because you’ve made a terrible mistake and hired another moving company doesn’t mean you’re doomed. It will just take an organised operation to make sure it all goes well. That’s why we’re offering this comprehensive moving checklist for you. Ideally you should start planning your move about 8 weeks in advance, but even if you don’t have that kind of lead time, you can still make your house removal a success by following each of the steps outlined in this moving house checklist.

CityMove’s Moving Checklist

Make a budget: Get quotes from your removalist and any other services you’re hiring, and know in advance what your move is going to cost you.

Collect Your Papers: It’s the 21st Century, but we’re willing to bet your important papers are still just that: Paper. Make sure you have medical and financial records safely put aside.

De-clutter: Help us help you! The greatest moving company in the world can’t defend against a mess, plus cleaning out will help you make sure you don’t forget anything.

Plan ahead: Know where your new bank, grocery, and other services are. Make sure your utilities will be connected and disconnected. CityMove can help with that!

Update records: Schools, doctors, employers, and the government needs to be alerted to your new address information.

Transfer memberships: You and your family belong to a million things, from clubs to sports teams to church groups. Let them know you’re moving.

Boxes: Make sure you have enough. You will need more cartons than you think – that is a rule of the universe. CityMove can offer you affordable cartons, just ask!

We hope this moving checklist helps you to plan out a stress-free house removal! To get even more stress-free – hire CityMove!