Moving Tools

Moving Tools : CityMove Removalists


Whether you’re attempting to move your own house or hiring cheap movers to do the heavy lifting for you, it pays to have the right tools on hand for the job. When moving yourself, the right tools will save you time, money, and effort – and possibly save you from injury. And if you have the best removalists Sydney can offer (or the best removalist Melbourne), having the right tools can ensure you’ve received an accurate and fair quote.

Beyond Basics

The basic tools used by cheap removalists and DIYers alike are, of course, boxes and packing tape. In a pinch you can move any household with just these two things and some effort – and a lot of time. But if you want to move house safely, quickly and efficiently, there are a few more things the professional cheap movers use:

  • Hand truck: This simple tool allows you to transport multiple boxes with ease.
  • Dollies: Standard for every cheap removalists. For larger and bulkier (not to mention heavier) items, like kitchen appliances.
  • Lifting Straps: With these simple tools even the heaviest and largest pieces of furniture can be lifted quite easily with a team of people.


Keep Your Cheap Movers Honest

  • Space Calculator: A space calculator determines the space requirements for all of the items in your home, which can help you double-check the quote you got from your cheap removalists.
  • Trucks: Know what kind of truck you need (common ones used in moving are UTE, 3 tonne truck, 5 tonne truck, 9 tonne truck and semi-trailer) and make sure your removalists are using the right one.


Moving, like everything else in life, comes down to the right tools. Whether doing it yourself or using cheap movers to do the heavy lifting, use these tools to make your move easier – and accurately quoted.