Boxes & Packaging

Budget priced professional moving boxes and packing materials delivered to your door.

By using the correct packing materials including cartons, port-a-robes, packing paper, and tape, your belongings can be well protected during transportation and storage. If you’re uncertain or want to speak with one of our moving consultants, please feel free to call.

In keeping with our eco-friendly culture, boxes & cartons are made from recycled materials.

No Use, No Pay Policy:

If you order more moving boxes than you need, our movers will refund any boxes not used on your moving day.

Moving Box Sizes

Small Large
(Tea Chest)
small moving boxes CitymoveBest for:
Heavy items, Books & Wine
30cm x 40cm x 43cm
citymove moving boxesBest for:
Light or bulky items, Linen etc
60cm x 40cm x 43cm
port-a-robe moving boxesBest for:
Hanging Clothes
112cm x 60cm x 48cm

Other Moving Helpful Items

  • Packing Tape (rolls)
  • Packing Paper (pack of 15 sheets). We urge you not to use newspaper, as the ink often comes off during storage and transport.
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Moving Supplies Packages

Our packages allow you to mix & match your box sizes.

Student Pack – $97

  • 20 various sized moving boxes / cartons
  • 1 Tape
  • 1 Paper
  • Plus $35 delivery fee within 20km of CBD

Apartment Pack – $212

  • 40 various sized moving boxes / cartons (recycled)
  • 2 Tape
  • 3 paper
  • Free delivery within 20km of CBD

House pack – $371

  • 70 various sized moving boxes / cartons
  • 4 Tape
  • 5 Paper
  • Free delivery within 20km of CBD

Custom Pack

  • XX Tea chest boxes @ $4.50 each
  • XX Book wine cartons @ $3.50 each
  • XX Tape @ $4 ea.
  • XX 5kg reams of Paper @ $18 ea.
  • Free delivery within 20km of CBD for orders over $150
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