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We know every move is unique. From the people involved to the furniture and other possessions being moved, as the removalists Melbourne trusts we know that it all starts by looking at every customer as an individual, and all the removals Melbourne asks us to do as someone’s Most Important Day. We make sure that we never regard your move as just another day. It’s special, and has to be treated as such.

We enjoy a lot of loyalty from our customers, because we do it right. It all starts with the moving on quotes we give. Our quotes are fair and clear. We charge by the half hour, so immediately you’ll see considerable savings over the other movers Melbourne offers.

It continues through moving day, when we show up on-time with our trained and fit workers, ready to get to it. We’re certified Female Friendly giving you one less thing to worry about when you’re dealing with a move.

And if your planning isn’t perfect and a few things slipped past you – don’t worry. Being the moving company Melbourne calls on every day means we offer all the extra services you need to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Need temporary storage? We offer secure facilities on a weekly basis. Need house cleaning? Need help packing or unpacking? Forgot about the utility connections? We can help with all of these issues, because we’re the movers Melbourne counts on – and we can’t wait to be the movers you count on.

You can trust us , more than 100,000 people already have!  And we’ve been doing this for more than 15 years now. We know what it takes to move yourself to a new city, or even a new house in the same city. Give us a call and let’s start planning your Melbourne move together.

Why choose Citymove?

  • A minimum of 1 hour then pay anything extra per half hour!
  • Professional Movers for 10 years and 100,000 clients
  • Certified FemaleFriendly
  • Athletic and Fit removalists (save time and money)

Customer Reviews

Kristina’s Experience; Dromana to Malvern

“Alexander and Fenid were awesome. Very efficient and very careful with my stuff as well, so thank you very much guys.” 

Alex shares her experience; Elwood to South Melbourne

“Hi I’m Alex and I’ve moved from Elwood into storage into South Melbourne. Lucas and his worker came to move me today. Really professional, really friendly, I felt really comfortable as a female moving on my own. Really looked after my stuff very well. Got everything done really, really quickly. I’m very, very happy. Very professional, thank you.”

Catherine recommends Citymove; Seymour to Coburg

“Hi, my name is Catherine… I’ve used Citymoves today. I’m very happy with the move. I am pleased with the way everything went. The moving fellows were excellent, and I would highly recommend their service again. And I will certainly use Citymoves again.”

About Melbourne

Melbourne was the first capital city of Australia for 26 years between 1901 and 1927.

It is Australia’s second largest city with a population of 4,641,636 spread over 453km2 and is Australia’s fastest growing city.  And it’s no wonder, with the city repeatedly being awarded the honour of  the world’s most liveable city (since 2011).

It’s also widely considered to be the sports capital of the world (officially winning the title 4 times in the last decade), boasting the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Australian Open, and more.sports in Melbourne

The weather in Melbourne averages 26°C in January, and 13.5°C in July. The hottest day on record was 46.4°C in February 2009 (Black Saturday), the coldest being -2.3°C in 1869. Average rainfall is 65cm, with October usually the wettest month.

melbourne housing price spreadHouse prices are gradually rising (like much of Australia), with the average buying price $770,000 but quite varied depending on the direction and how far out.

If you’re looking for a home near a good school catchment, you’re likely to pay above average prices for the general area. According to, “Some popular schools zones have outpaced city-wide averages by more than double…

One key point of differentiation with Victoria, is the abolishment of stamp duty for first home buyers if the purchase is under $600,000.  If the purchase price is between $600,000 and $750,000, stamp duty is tapered.

Little known fun facts

bathing boxes in Brighton

Brighton’s world-famous bathing boxes have existed since at least 1862.

  • Fosters, Australia’s famous export beer, was first brewed in Melbourne in 1888.
  • Vegemite was invented in here in 1922, and Port Melbourne remains the only place in the world where it is made.
  • Kiwi Shoe Polish was invented in Melbourne in 1906, by a Scottish immigrant in honour of his NZ born wife.
  • Freddo Frogs were invented in 1930, at MacRobertson Chocolates.  The company was later sold to Cadbury.
  • The Black Box Flight Recorder was invented by David Warren, while a research scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation.