Published on 19 July 2017

The Top 5 Dramas You Will Have Moving Home or Office & The Solutions You Wouldn't Expect

Expected the unexpected when you are moving your home or office. With so many things to consider, challenges are normal. The secret to any move is to anticipate problems and solve them even before they occur. On this article, we want to share with you the top 5 common problems our clients complain about when they are moving either their home or office. Of course, every problem they encountered were solved by Citymove,

Problem: I just don't know where and how to start!

Solution: One stop shop packing solutions

removalists sydneyWhen there is just too many things going on, packing can be a highly stressful and possibly disorganized task. Good moving companies will have everything covered from the pick up to the drop off but great moving companies go the extra mile. Citymove offers a range of services that truly makes it a one-stop shop for all your moving needs.

From valet packing ladies who come to your home or office to pack your items with bubble wraps to Female Friendly removalists who are good looking, sociable and physically fit to move all your items efficiently, Citymove has got you covered!

Problem: Woah, I didn't know I had that much stuff!

Solution: Storage

storage services in sydneyMost of our clients find themselves underestimating the possessions they have amassed over time. When they move in to their new property, they want to start with a clean slate or minimize the items they bring into their new home or office. When space and property costs at an all time high, extra but cheap space is the answer.

Storage solutions are your best option when you want to maximise your space and to keep your possessions secure. Citymove is one of the few moving companies that also offers storage services. Instead of having to deal with separate companies, you can enjoy seamless transactions with both moving and storage experts.

Problem: No wifi, no gas, no utilities, no nothing

Solution: Free reconnection

If you think that after you have solved all your moving problems and moved into your new home and office and then think that you are done, then think again. Cable, internet, phone, gas and other utilities are services that have to be reconnected. One night spent without one of these utilities can be a nuisance for many and a nightmare for some.

Instead of adding these utilities to your list of moving problems, let Citymove solve it for you. With its free reconnection services, you can be sure that once you finally arrive at your new property, you can be sure that you can really settle in, complete with your possessions and your utility connections.

Problem: Risky business

Solution: AFRA Accreditation and Insurance

Would you put your assets to risk? The Australian Furniture Removers Association is the official body that regulates the industry and keeps moving companies operating at the strictest standards. Entrusting your items to a moving company that is a member of AFRA gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Still, there are safety considerations, traffic and road incidents, forces of nature and other circumstances that are just outside the control of any moving company. Only forthright and transparent moving companies will tell you that they cannot guarantee a 100% risk free move. Citymove minimises and manages the risks involved in moving. As an insurance covered moving company, you can be sure that you are protected.

Problem: I can't get my bond back from my old property!

Solution: Bond-back cleaning

The last thing that you may think of when moving is getting both properties, the one you will move out and in to, cleaned. Vacating any property requires a thorough cleaning to guarantee the return of your bond. Citymove knows how difficult it is to coordinate both a move and a clean at the same time; this is why it includes cleaning as one of its services.

With Citymove cleaning and its professional vacate or bond-back cleaning, you can be sure that your apartment of office is cleaned to a standard that satisfies your property manager. In the rare case that your property manager is not satisfied with the cleaning and does not release your bond, Citymove will go back, re-do the cleaning at no additional cost.

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