Published on 25 Aug 2017

When Things Go Wrong in Your Move and Why Insurance Can Save the Day

Moving can be an exciting experience and moving in with the new and out with old carry its own thrill. Imagine having a new home or office, it is like starting with a blank slate and opening a new chapter in your personal or professional life. But when things go wrong in your move, what started as a dream can really turn into a nightmare.

Here are the most common nightmares:

  1. Loading and unloading. If you think that things can only go wrong when your items are in transit, then think again. Much of what can go wrong happens even before the actual move. For example bulky furniture can hit a wall causing damage to both the property and the furniture.
  2. Packing. Accidents can happen, a vase that slips from the hand, a TV set that cracks while being carried or an item that is packed with a box instead of a bubble wrap.
  3. Lost. Though rare and extreme, items can be lost during a move. Don't think it's just the small and easily overlooked items that can get lost. Entire furniture sets or large items can be misplaced.
  4. Road accidents. A lot of things can happen in the road, accidents do occur that may damage your goods while in transit. Moving trucks that rolls over or that gets hit by a wayward vehicle are just some of the many things that may damage your goods.
  5. Force majeure. Floods, earthquakes and fires are forces of nature that can also be covered by insurance.

You can never completely be sure that you can avoid these nightmares. Would you risk your items to chance or would you rather be prepared for the unexpected? If you prefer the latter, then insurance is your answer!

Instead of looking elsewhere, you can acquire insurance from your selected moving company. Great removalists offer a range of services that are add-ons to their main service and insurance is one of them.

But the next question is, how insurance actually work and how much does it really cost?

What is covered by the insurance?

Moving companies usually offer two kinds of insurance:

  1. Restricted cover. Covers only damages that occur during transit
  2. Full cover. Covers from loading, transit to unloading

What are claimable damages?

Any damage that occurs because of the list below can be claimed:

  1. Flood
  2. Fire
  3. Rolling over of the moving truck

How much is it?

Premiums are based on the declared value of the goods that are being moved. The average rates are:

For goods with a value of $5,000, rates are around $29 for restricted coverage and $99 for full coverage. Valued from $30,000 to $59,999, expect to pay around $59 for restricted and $509 for full cover. Different moving companies will change different premiums, so it is best to take your time in shopping the best insurance for you.

How do you actually claim?

If you have claims, you can contact your removalist company directly. They will ask for proof of damage, a receipt to verify the value of the item and require around 5 to 7 working days to process the claim. Be sure to have all these documents and proof needed to smoothen the claiming process.

The best removalist companies will lodge your claim on your behalf with the insurance provide. They will regularly update you on the progress of your claim too. Once all is settled, the insurance company will contact your directly for instructions on how to receive your claim.

Where can you get an insured move?

If you are looking for a removalist company that offers an insured move, then choose Citymove! Its insurance products have a wide coverage and its premium rates are market competitive. Enjoy Citymove's other services such as storage, valet packers, reconnection services and its commitment to safe, secure and stress-free moving!

Contact Citymove now and have the peace of mind that you deserve!

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