Published on 9 Dec 2011

Moving with Kids ...

Are you thinking about moving interstate? Do you have young children? If so, then the moving process can be problematic. The entire moving process can affect kids and needs to be taken care of on time to ease any stress for you or your child. It's the responsibility of every parent to spend time in understanding their children's needs, worries, thoughts and requirements during the moving process.

Kids get more attached then adults to their surroundings, as a result having a new home is sometimes difficult for the child and hard to get used to. Their home made them feel comfortable and secure and plopping them into a new environment suddenly, may cause distress and it may be hard to retain certain memories in a new atmosphere.

It is known to be very helpful to communicate with your child from the beginning of the moving process. Bring positivity in all the words you use and the tone you say them in, it may seem that they aren't quite listening but they are registering all the information and it will help them more so than if you do not acknowledge the fact they are changing home. A huge deal in their eyes, a change of life at a young age is confusing! Some children may be very excited with the news, also this could change as quickly as it was brought on, so be prepared to tailor to their emotions- you are the adult and should let them know everything will be okay, everything is positive and that change is not a bad thing!

Some children may have to leave their school, friends or even entire city, and this can be a horrible feeling, as everything they know seems to be fading away and all the unknown seems to be closer than ever! Support your children, factor in their wants, needs, and future in your decisions and if after all this, you still find yourself moving find more info… then always let your children in on everything, talk to them, explain to them, make them feel comfortable in the process, perhaps let them know, you're a little uneasy yourself but you know from past experience moving is a fresh start and it can be fantastic!

Children can completely emerge themselves into certain things, if they are having a hard time with it, involve them in the process as much as possible, get them to pack little items into small boxes… ask them to sticky tape certain things together, let them know that they have a choice in how to move, even if the choice of moving per say is taken away into the adults hands!

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