Published on 25 Nov 2014

Moving Costs In Australia

If you're planning to relocate to different city or state in Australia, it is important to plan for your moving expenses ahead of time. Moving requires lots of preparation, not only in terms of packing and researching your new place, but also in terms of finances.

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How much does moving cost in Australia?

It depends. There are different kinds of moves - local, interstate and international. Local move means moving from city to city, interstate means, well, going to a different state and international means from Australia to any part of the world.

Moving cost can range from $500 to $5000, depending on where you will be relocating and how much items you will be bringing to your new place. Here are some factors removalists usually consider when giving you a quote for your move.

  • Distance
  • Volume of items to be moved
  • Access issues between pickup and delivery points;
  • Stairs vs lifts
  • The time of year
  • Number of removalists required to undertake the move
  • Terrain of the pickup and delivery localities
  • Ferries and other special transportation required
  • Parking

For inter-state and international moves, you also have to be ready to pay for

  • Temporary storage
  • Inter-state car transport
  • Moving insurance
  • Flights for you and your pets

Check out for the necessary information on packing, prohibited goods and on clearing your unaccompanied personal effects and household goods when coming to Australia. You can also check for the necessary documents needed when relocating to Australia.

To make sure you have enough budget for the move, contact the removalist in your area and get a quote.

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