Published on 28 Feb 2013

Mila Kunis Moving In To Ashton Kutcher's Hollywood Hills

Black Swan star Mila Kunis is moving in with her former “That '70s Show”' co-star and Two and a Half Men actor Ashton Kutcher at his 9,000 sq. ft mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

According to US Weekly Feb 25th report states, Mila Kunis (aged 29) and Ashton Kutcher (aged 35) are moving on in their relationship taking it to the next level of cohabitation. According to the sources, Kunis is moving to Kutcher's house as her own house is being reconstructed. It is also expected from Kunis to make her move official soon.

Although this was assumed to be just a gossip until an unnamed source confirmed this news and a person who seems to be a close friend of both the celebrities stated that the two were dating each other since few months and wanted to make it public. Ashton Kutcher began to date Mila Kunis since last year, after his split from Demi Moore, the highest-paid actress in film history of 1996. However, the dating was never publicized till date. At the moment, Kutcher is still married to Moore legally.

This information got more confirmation when another source informed the magazine that, "Ashton's male roommate is moving out to make room for her". And another said, "They were friends first, and then it switched to love. That's a great foundation for a relationship."

Still, there is no confirmation about the move or relationship from either of the celebrities, but neither one has even refused this or commented it as a rumor. So, let us wait and watch who goes public and when!

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