Published on 16 Apr 2013

A-Listers Who Have Become A Part Of Celebrity Moving In Australia

Australia is just beautiful. The relaxed lifestyle here, the amazing beaches, the friendly people and many tourist attractions make it the ideal destination for everyone. A place to enjoy and forget all your worries. Due to all this, Australia enjoys a lot of attention from the A- listers who would love to make Australia their home. This leads to a high number of celebrity moving here.

The following A-listers have already done their house moving to Australia:

  • Leo Sayer: The well known British entertainer.
  • Steve Wozniak**: The Co-founder of Apple** has recently moved to Australia.
  • Ben Folds: The American rockstar lived here with his ex-wife Frally Hynes.
  • Carl Cox: The world renowned DJ is now a citizen of Australia.
  • Toni Childs**:** The singer of American origin married Mik Lavage who is an Australian and has settled here since their marriage in 2012.
  • Ben Elton**:** He is a comedian, a writer and also a famous TV personality living in Australia after marrying **Sophie Gare** a professional saxophonist.
  • Brian McFadden: After, his split with Australian singer Delta Goodrem, he married DJ Vogue Williams but continued to reside in Sydney.

Hence, Australia has witnessed a lot of celebrity moving recently and is also looking forward to some more A-listers becoming residents of this beautiful and fun packed country 'Australia'.

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