Published on 24 Jan 2012

Cleaning & Storage Services For Your Home

Considering if you should hire someone to clean your house or apartment? Here are three reasons why you should hire a company

Value - Don't sell yourself short, your time is extremely valuable. Calculate how much you make per hour, and multiply it by the amount of time it will take to clean your place and or furniture. Chances are it's quite a bit less expensive to hire a house cleaning service, than to do it yourself.

Reduce stress - Living in a dirty or untidy household can stress you out completely. Think about it- You put in a full day at work, then you come home and there's even more work to be done (cleaning). A messy home becomes a huge item on your to do list, that ends up being a task that looms over your time.

Efficiency - Just like any other job, the more experience you have, the better you are at it. When you hire a Cleaning Company, you get professional staff that knows how to work efficiently to get a job done right. They don't cut corners, but they know how to administer their work flow so that they finish in a reasonable amount of time, without sacrificing quality.

Using Storage Services When you are in between homes, trying to sell one as well as figure out what to do with your furniture in the meantime, is difficult and frustrating, a storage service can offer you temporary storage whilst moving homes, and due to our flexibility you can extend or withdraw from storage when you choose. Storage can provide temporary relief when going through a big move. We can co-ordinate an easy relocation of your goods to a long distance location.

Citymove takes care of Cleaning, Storage and Removals, what more do you need?

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