Code Of Ethics

Citymove Mindset

Our Vision

World abundance and love through the Citymove way of moving people physically and emotionally.

Our Mission

To be the world champion- pound for pound- of logistics companies, moving your personal and business effects.

We are committed to our customers as if it is our family moving, from suburb to suburb, city to city or country to country.

We are using cutting edge innovative logistics systems and technology to make the difference in the customer service we deliver.

We are unstoppable and deliver our service with outstanding speed and efficiency.

We will create individual prosperity and challenging experiences for everyone who works their individual business with Citymove.

Our Culture


We acknowledge that our customers are from all walks of life and are in all types of situations, from exciting to challenging and desperate.

We will respect the state of mind of all customers and their possessions.


We will always act professionally and everyone is accountable for their own actions.


We are always on time and willing to share ideas and information without hesitation.

We will have FUN in everything we do.


We will always keep it “real”. We will be honest and balanced in our approach.

All time frames and actions will be realistic.

Female Friendly Code of Ethics

female friendlyIn this code of ethics, the strengthening of female confidence and trust is paramount and the responsibility of every female Friendly Pink Tick Accreditation program:


Female friendly Accredited businesses act with honour, integrity and dignity in order to merit the trust of their clients.


Female Friendly Accredited businesses provide reliable service to their clients for whom they apply their knowledge and skills with fairness, honesty and in good faith. Visit


Female friendly accredited businesses take reasonable steps to inform their clients with any helpful, constructive information they have gained from their years of expertise in their given fields. They will endeavour to proudly achieve and maintain exceptional levels of high customer service, with positive attitudes and steady work ethics, as expected from all Female Friendly Accredited businesses.