Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Survey Says Removalists Make the Best Lovers

Have you been dreaming of spending Valentine’s Day with handsome, hunky man?

A revealing and scintillating survey has revealed that the ideal man to be spending time with between the sheets is, in fact, a removalist. Partners and lovers of removalists have unanimously responded with chorus of “yes, please!” when it comes to the prowess of Movers in the bedroom. This news hardly comes as a surprise considering the evidence at hand:

The heavy furniture they move all day helps to build their fit physique – bending at the knees; in and out of the truck; beds, tables, fridges up and down several flights of stairs.

The many stairs, balconies and corners they maneuver increase their flexibility.

Some of their jobs are quite large and take several hours – think of the stamina.

Amazing sense of space – everything needs to be packed in efficiently.

They bring their own tools, straps, and blankets.

And let’s not even get started on the care and delicacy required for those fragile items.

Rock stars? Actors? Accountants? They’ve got nothing on the versatility, efficiency, and fit capabilities of your Friendly Removalists at City Move.