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 You have your to-do list, everything is organised... here's what not to do :

Don't stress

Moving will be tiring, you'll have to be organised, nerves will be frayed. Try to remain as calm as possible throughout so that you can deal effectively with any problems that arise.

Don't fail to plan

Check out the Moving Guide Kit on the Australian Furniture Removers Association website. Open a Move file to keep all your removals information and contact details in the one place for quick reference. For comprehensive advice on pre-move preparations see this Move My Home article: Plan ahead and stay in control

Don't leave it until the last minute

Whether you decide to engage a removalist or hire a van and do it yourself, book in advance. According to the Australian Furniture Removers Association, a high percentage of moves happen during holidays, over summer and in the last week of the month. Get in early if you want to move at these peak times.

Don't try to take everything

De-clutter before you start packing. Maybe you think you'll sort everything out once you've settled into your new home, but you probably won't. And why pay to transport goods you don't want?  Bite the bullet now, sort through your belongings and ditch anything you don't use, don't like or don't need.

Don't forget to factor in the hidden costs of moving

Expect to have to pay unforseen fees and charges. Ask all service providers about extra costs you may incur. E.G. service relocation fees, mail redirection charges, and if moving pets overseas, quarantine costs.

Don't forget to arrange insurance

You'll need cover for your goods in transit or storage. They probably won't be covered by your normal Home and Contents policy, as goods in transit are at much greater risk of loss or damage. You can arrange transit insurance through your usual insurer if required, or through your removalists.

Don't neglect to involve the kids

Talk to them about the move well in advance so they understand what's happening, and to give them time to get used to the idea.  If possible, have a friend or relative look after small kids on moving day. Older kids can help out and take responsibility for their own belongings. Encourage them to start unpacking their things and setting up their room at the new home.

Don't leave the outdoors 'til last

It's easy to forget how much you've collected in the shed, and garden equipment needs special attention pre-move. Start clearing, culling and cleaning at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Don't move electrical appliances

Such as fridges, washing machines, computers and stereos without checking with the manufacturer information, and follow their instructions with care. It's your responsibility to do this, not the removalist's.

Don't get in the way of the removalists

You've paid for their professional services, so let them get on with it. And you're not expected to supply them with refreshments.

Don't forget to check the documentation

If you're moving goods internationally, interstate or into storage, check the inventory before allowing anything to be removed, and again on arrival at your new address.

Don't store goods in any facility not designed for storage

You risk damage by fire, theft, water or pests.

Don't expect a removalist to deliver goods unless you're there

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